The vast majority of CMS & e-Commerce software come with auto updating functions or the ability to create a cron job which will update them for you.

Can customers please check their CMS admin panels regularly and update when updates are available. These updates are usually security patches and are there to protect your web site and enhance the software. If customer don't update as requested by the CMS they run the risk of having their web site hacked, defaced, malware loaded into their hosting space and if they are running e-Commerce sites they stand the chance of having their customers details compromised.

The Design Centre are continually having to go into customers accounts and clean out defacing graphics, malware, hacked files, viruses and threatening php files and java scripts. All of this could be avoided by web site owners having a good house keeping routine in place. If you do not have access to your CMS admin panel then chase up your web site designer and have them either update for you (on a regular basis) or provide you with the login information to do it yourself.

As of last month we are now charging for our admins time cleaning out customers web sites and if the web site have been seriously compromised we will pull the web site altogether from the servers. A compromised web site can use up server resources and send out spam resulting in our IP's being added to spam/malware blacklists, not enough resources for other customers on the servers and services such as Apache, MySQL & email failing.

As usual if you have any further questions regarding this please feel free to contact us.